The Best Travel Deals are here on Wakanow and Airpeace this Black Friday with these tips to keep an eye out for them.

For those who require some travel treatment, this is once again one of the most anticipated times of the year. Kalabash ushers in the best travel deals this Black Friday and offers travelers throughout Nigeria 20% off travel cost with Pay Small Small on Wakanow and Airpeace.

Traveling the world at this time is a wonderful experience and couldn’t get any better as life returns to normal with only a few pandemic restrictions. Destinations have become more accessible in a variety of ways, so get ready to leave uneasy travel in the past and take advantage of this season’s huge savings on travel as Black Friday comes your way again. Get the best Black Friday travel offers and plan your holiday at 20% off when you use Pay Small Small on Wakanow every Monday in the month of November 2022 and also save 20% on Air Peace when you use Pay Small Small from November 25th to November 28th 2022.

In order for you to take advantage of this travel offer on Wakanow and Airpeace follow these tips below.

Pay Attention To The Dates: The finest deals always sell out quickly even more now as the world has become more accessible for travel, keep an eye out for one or two vacations so be prepared to avoid missing out. Set your alarms and schedule for the black friday sales on Wakanow every Monday in the month of November 2022 and also on Air Peace from the 25th of November till the 28th of November 2022. Remember this could be the once-in-a-lifetime vacation you’ve been looking for.

Plan and Research

When you are prepared for your trip, you can take advantage of the Pay Small Small option this Black Friday for your travel. Prepare in advance by considering your destination and travel time. Which airline and what kind of tickets are you looking for? Because on this Black Friday, tickets will sell out quickly. It will be a good idea to consider your options and be flexible.

Pay Attention to Wakanow and Airpeace Social Media Platforms

As always the best offers are found online on Wakanow and Airpeace websites as well as their social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Knowing where to look will help you save 20% of your money on everything from hotel rooms to flights this black friday. On Cyber Monday, even more sales begin with Jaw dropping deals. Visit wakanow and Airpeace website and social media platforms to take advantage of Pay Small Small and other deals on black friday. These two partners of ours will provide their social media followers with attractive travel discounts along with unique discount codes. Get ready for alert to offerings that are socially unusual this season.

Subscribe to their Newsletters

Signing up for Airpeace and Wakanow’s newsletters is another way to stay informed about what’s happening on the biggest travel deals in November. Quick hint, Wakanow and Airpeace will publicize the Black Friday sales and specials offers on Pay Small Small in their e-newsletter. Sign up to find subscriber-only discounts and conveniently keep track of fantastic deals with Pay Small Small this Black Friday.

Follow Real Time Updates

Keep your Twitter and Instagram notifications turned on. Get ultra-low fare codes, last-chance offers, promo sales, Pay Small Small options with no additional fees and more using these social channels.  

Book Early for the best discounts

Keep in mind the trick that prices may appear to be lowest in the morning and then rise as the day wears on. Getting online sooner especially on Monday for Wakanow’s 20% off with Pay Small Small is preferable because the cheapest fares tend to sell out quickly. Deals start to go live at 8 am. Set your alarms, and even better, sign up to get notification emails.


To access Pay Small Small and take advantage of the Black Friday campaign, simply select “I want to Pay Small Small by Kalabash as the checkout option on the Air Peace website – or select the “Pay Small Small” fare on Wakanow website –

Benefits of Pay Small Small™ (PSS)

  • No Credit Checks – no profiling, no credit checks, everyone is eligible.
  • Access to Early Bird rates – Plan your trip, buy your ticket early and get access to cheaper prices.
  • Flexible Repayment plans – Choose a repayment plan that works for you 
  • No Collateral Needed – We are not going to ask for any collateral.

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