Can you allow yourself to just day dream for a couple of minutes and imagine the legendary surf scene in Hawaii and its golden crescent beaches with misty peaks, gorgeous sunsets and bamboo forests or an abundance of beautiful golden sand in Puerto Rico. You are living nothing but the soft life from one exotic destination to another. All your screenshots of travel experiences and destinations on your vision board come to life.

Now open your eyes, you are back, sitting on that yellow golden couch in your 9-5 job, wondering how you can experience all of that travel adventure and more without having a dent on your bank account. This is a common dilemma we all experience as millennials.

There is no doubt that traveling exposes you to new dreams and possibilities, fills your life with adventure and stories to tell. It helps you see the world and experience life from a perspective you never really thought of, and of course, ease and rest for the body and mind. That’s the blessing of traveling, to experience places, people and culture like never before.

However, at the same time when all the adventures are experienced there is still a reality you have to come back to. It’s that five-letter word you really don’t like to read or hear after an expense has been made. It’s called BILLS and every other thing required of you to run your daily life.

What if you could have the best of both worlds. What if you could save more on every travel trip you made. This blog post in a few more sentences will show you ways in which you can save more on your travel.

Book In Advance

There is this saying that goes, “The early bird gets the worm,” Saving more on your travel trip would require you to make plans early on what destination you would want to experience, know where to look and when to book. Booking in advance is an old trick that always works because it is no secret that flight prices can be all over the place especially during peak periods for travel like summer or flying during the week, rather than on weekends. So it means that If you really want to get on that trip for less and see the world with new eyes and extra colors then book in advance because airlines typically release their cheapest tickets around 3 months before the departure date, so if you can be flexible with your travel dates, you’re likely to find cheap flights and score more on saving.

This images show how you can save money when you travel on accommodation

Save On Accommodation

You don’t have to go broke trying to look rich in a fancy hotel room. Instead when you travel, be sure to look for ways to save on your accommodations by looking for discounts, coupons, and special deals. You can also save by staying in an apartment or condo instead of a hotel. This is a great way to save money, as you’ll have access to a kitchen and other amenities.

Another way to save is to book your hotel room in advance. This often times gives you a better rate than when you wait until the last minute. You can also often find great deals on accommodation by booking through a travel website like wakanow. Be sure to compare prices before booking to get the best deal.

Use a Flight Search Engine:

 Using flight search engines help you compare prices between different airlines, and to find the cheapest flights for your specific travel dates. There are many flight search engines out there that can help you find the cheapest flights. Just enter your travel dates and destination and then they’ll show you a list of all the available flights and prices. Another thing you should also look out for is  the option of “Pay Small Small’ when you are about to book your flight ticket. This enables you to save money by making installment payments thereby stretching the cost of your ticket purchase over a manageable period of time as well as keep better track record of your finance without having a dent to it.

Wakanow Africa’s Leading Travel Company offer this “Pay Small Small” options You can find out more about “Pay Small Small” here

Track your expenses before your trip and set a daily budget

Travelling can be expensive that is why it is important to track your actual travel expenses at home, and while traveling. This is how you do it.

  1. Always make sure to keep track of your spending.
  2. Allocate a certain amount of money for travel thereby it allows you to save money.

It’s never advisable to travel without a plan. Always make sure to research the best deals and discounts, pack light and only bring what is needed.