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Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Are you tired of the hassle of finding and paying for travel all at once? Are you looking for a solution that will make your travel experience stress-free and convenient? Look no further than Kalabash App – the Travel Super App solution that changes the way you travel.

App Features

Personalize Your Travel Experience

Pay Small Small

With the Kalabash App, you can manage all your Pay Small Small transactions in one location.

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Flight Purchase

Get the best flight deals to any destination and make payments through the app.

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Things To Do

Explore and book a variety of adventures and experiences seamlessly. Discovering the best activities wherever you are.

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Add funds, transfer money, and make purchases with Pay Small Small.

Travel Card

Join the waitlist to order for a USD card that can be use for transaction anywhere in the world. Don’t get stranded on your next travels.

Bills Payment

Paying bills online is much easier with the Kalabash app. You can purchase airtime, buy data, and pay utility bills effortlessly.

Discover More

Travel. Anywhere

Transact. Anytime

Global Payment

The Naira Card is Accepted Globally

Say hello to the Kalabash Naira Card, a game-changer in the world of financial convenience and rewards. Whether you’re a savvy shopper, or just looking for a more secure way to handle your money, the Kalabash Naira Card is designed with your lifestyle in mind.

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Exciting Cashbacks

Enjoy the ease of making purchases both at home and abroad without any hassle. Whether it’s online shopping, booking flights, or dining out, the Kalabash Naira Card goes wherever you go.

Exclusive Discounts

Gain access to a world of exclusive deals and offers. From travel discounts to dining and entertainment, the benefits of your Kalabash Naira Card keep on giving.

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Ready to elevate your travel experience?

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